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 heres a link to a thread on the vgresource forums with all of the sprites so far for the pokemon fangame me and mattsludge are working on. most of the designs were done by him but i do the sprites. theres also some of matts art in there that isnt sprites. i think in the blog post i made about pokemon 3 i said i wasnt gonna make it a game, but i changed my mind and im planning to make it in rpgmaker now. (pic above is mattsludges art not mine) 3/2/2024

my friend mattsludge was talking about having tiny little homestuck dudes and torturing them and ordering them around like pikmin which inspire dme to make this 8/1/2023

fuckin magnets, how do they work:?????????? 6/19/2023

finally. true art 4/19/2023

schizo post shit i made like a month ago 4/19/2023

i took the head of a snowman sprite from some game, idk what game i just took it from a screenshot lol, and made the bode into the funny little autism creature guy because the face looked like it 4/19/2023

made this pfp for myself around the same time. used it on discord for a bit then got sick of it and changed it 4/19/2023

made this pfp thingy for my friend faun. i think this was in december? idk 4/19/2023

wood man fanart that i made for the siIvagunner woodman birthday thing last year but i submitted it last minute without a like username on it to credit it to me so it didnt get put in lol. gonna submit it again this year and not forget to put a username on it ell oh ell 4/19/2023

i think i made this like around a year and a half ago. his name is soupor hes from the best video game ever made 4/19/2023

editof a picture i took a couple weeks ago 3/4/2023

made this in a few seconds to have as an album cover for the last music post i made (the pokemon breakcore one). i figured i should make an art section of this site so that i can post art shit that isnt for the comic. will probably also post comic related art shit that just isnt going to be used in the actual thing 3/2/2023

this is a drawing from a few months ago. its a character called fish mech (not my character). i originally made this kind of to test out how i would draw for commissions since i was originally planning on doing comissions on twitter where i would mostly be drawing peoples OCs and shit, but i kinda gave up on that because i realized putting in the work to get an audience for commissions or whatever kinda sucked. also i dont think commissions would be that fun, it just wouldve been a way to get money. i do think this one turned out pretty cool though, its not entirely the type of art i want to make but i still like it. i especially like the colors i did for the shading on the metal, i was trying out some weird shit there and it ended up working. also i just changed the font on this page to make it slightly easier to read against the background 3/3/2023

i drew homestuck guys of a bunch of my friends, might make sprite versions of them at some point. also i did another set of 12 for another set of people but i didnt feel like uploading 2 sets anf these ones were better since i had more practice 7/28/2023

i also drew this link which is the outfit i usually wear in the game, including the frozen meat shield, second pic is in game screenshot of it 6/19/2023

i played a bunch of tears of the kingdom and decided to draw some link art bc hes cute 6/19/2023

drew my boyfriend :333 6/10/2023

character i drew tha ti will maybe use in comic or something theyve got troll face hairpins idk like any details abotu them or their personality or anything thoguh bc i just felt like drawing some shit. this is from like a week ago or so 4/19/2023

image 1: radiatori pasta noodle image from wikipedia image 2: ai generated variation of the noodle where i was trying to mskr an ai image of a pasta that looks like an among us crewmate image 3: pencil drawing of this fucked up ai pasta i meant to make a blog post about the ai pastas actually i dont think i ever did though. might do that now 4/19/2023

brian grifin from a few days ago 4/19/2023

kirby thing i drew during a philosopy club meeting a couple months ago. i kinda just started drawing a bunch of kirbys and decided to mkae it look like an animation with all the framws loaded at once and i think it looks really cool i also edited it some with some effects and shit. im not really sure where the line is between traditional and digitla art is because there isnt really one i guess its kinda just wherever you decide to put it but digitally edited pictures of pencil on paper drawings are definitely in a sorta weird gray area which i find kinda neat 4/19/2023

mario drawing based off of this sm64 render. this might honestly be one of my favorite things ive ever drawn i love edgy mario so much. this is from a few months ago also 4/19/2023

homework drawing from art class im currently in. i thoguht id like doing ana rt major but oh boy was i wrong lol i havent done literally anything for the calss in like a whole month and am probably going to get a kinda shit grade in it. definitely not doing art major i kinda hate it maybe im not really sure 4/19/2023

this is from arounda year ago i think 4/19/2023

another soupor art. this ones form like 2 years ago probably idk 4/19/2023

hrtdemon (i made this button) its not actually but neocities is cool lol