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made this to play the april fools version of the index page , just found a family feud midi, put it in mkds soundfont with mario paint meows and then added some break shit lol. i swear im gonna redo this page soon , probalby not today but ill get around to it at some point (4/1/2023)

shit like this goes so hard i wanna figure out how to make music thats crusty in a similar way to this (3/23/2023)

swa a pin design that said breakcore is always antifascist which made me think about what fascist breakcore would sound like which then made me think about darth vader vs hitler erb so i made this (forgot to put a date for this one lmao)

i liked the part of the last song where i sampled music for night people so i made a full remix thing of it. its kinda too similar to the original though in my opinion, i probably shouldve changed the structure of it a little. i wanted to but the things i was trying werent really working and i was really tired so i just left it. so im a little disappointed in myself for that but i still think it sounds pretty good (3/4/2023)

fucked around in FL studio for a bit and made this. i didnt really have an end product in mind but i liked how most of this sounds. i was pretty much just trying to use some cool samples. i think the beginning is kinda shit, theres one part where the wanna watch meerkats without the ads sample gets kinda unsynced, and the end is weird because i wasnt sure how to end it. i also couldnt come up with a name so i just copied this screenshot of a shitty news article. i mostly like how it sounds though (3/4/2023)

found this on youtube its really good imo (3/4/2023)

another pokemon breakcore remix lol. im actually really proud of this one i spent a lot more time on it and did some shit i think sounds actually cool as hell. the voicemail sample came from one of my discord friends named mattsludge, it was like some weird ass voicemail he got and sent a recording of in the server and ive really wanted to sample it in something for a while. i think it turned out pretty cool so im glad i used it on this (3/2/2023)

made another pokemon breakcore remix. i said in the last one i uploaded that the next thing i made wouldnt just be another nintendo song with an amen break slapped on top of it which technically wasnt a lie because this time i also chopped up the break a little bit ! true innovation ! also i found a different way to embed soundcloud songs that looks way better, i might change the other two i have here for consistency but every soundcloud song i share from now on will definitely be embedded like this (3/2/2023)

this shit goes hard (3/2/2023)

i made this one before the song that i posted yesterday actually, this one is synced ok enough i guess but it doesnt work as welll as the hyper zone 2 one eye em oh. but yeah its just a song from pokemon bw2 but with breakcore. next song i post will probably be slightly higher effort than just slapping an amen break over something, probably gonna try actually semi properly remixing something. but yeah ive had more motivation to make music now bc i want to fill up this music page with a bunch of shit. (3/2/2023)

heres some shit i made a couple weeks ago fucking around in flstudio. when i add more music itll go above this on the page (3/1/2023)